[Real Fresh] Yello Mango Juice (500ml*2pcs)

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[Real Fresh] Spicy Mango Juice (500ml*2)

Just try mango juice made with real mango. You can’t taste it anywhere else!!

It is a 100% mango juice that boasts the unique flavor of avocado and mango. This is a mango smoothie that allows you to enjoy the natural taste of mango without mixing it with other fruits. It has a smooth mouthfeel and a rich sweetness. This very sweet and thick smoothie is perfect for using as a yogurt base.

Sweet mango juice, especially loved by children, is a must-have snack for children!

The avocado mango juice offered by Supermarket is made from 100% mango and is both delicious and effective!

Refrigerated storage: Up to 3 days, then frozen.
Capacity: (500ML *2EA) 1L

Try mixing the thick mango smoothie with carbonated water and use it as an ade.