[Real Fresh] Home made Cahewmilk (300ml*2pcs)

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15% Rp 68.000
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[Real Fresh] Homemade Cashew Milk (300mL) (Minimum order 2 bottles)

No sugar, no preservatives, no additives, 100% natural taste! Flavorful cashew milk made with only natural sweetness! Our cashew milk is made using fresh cashew nuts, making it a premium product that is both healthy and flavorful. We carefully select high-quality cashew nuts and put them through a thorough process to create fresh, delicious milk. Cashew milk boasts high nutritional value and nutty taste. It is rich in various nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, proteins, and fatty acids, so it supports a healthy diet and helps maintain physical strength. Our cashew milk is processed slowly at low temperatures to maintain its freshness and rich flavor. The soft, creamy texture and savory flavor combine to provide an excellent taste. Additionally, we do not use additives or artificial sweeteners and provide products that put your health first. By considering various dietary styles, you can enjoy healthy milk for yourself and your family by choosing a choice that fits your lifestyle. Our cashew milk is full of fresh taste and nutrition, making it the best choice for both health and flavor. Experience our cashew milk now. Special milk filled with the harmony of health and flavor awaits you.

cold storage. Weight: 300ml
Origin: Cashew nuts from Indonesia