[Selecata/Frozen] Pork Moksal/Pork Collar Grill Thin (±3mm/500g)

11% Rp 125.000
Rp 140.000
11% Rp 125.000
Rp 140.000you save Rp 15.000

[Selecta][Frozen] Beef neck slicer (3mm)

Give the gift of a special moment with the perfect combination of taste and quality, Supermarket’s pork neck planer. Selecta pork shoulder slicer will satisfy your taste buds with its soft texture and rich flavor. Manufactured using fresh ingredients and traditional aging methods, experience the highest quality pork neck thinner with rich gravy and deep flavor. Even with simple cooking, you can enjoy the full flavor, and it will provide a high level of satisfaction at every meal.

frozen. Weight: 500g

Enjoy the savory taste of pork neck after grilling it gently on the grill.