Korean Chef's Kimchi (Baechu Kimchi) (1kg)

5% Rp 90.000
Rp 95.000
5% Rp 90.000
Rp 95.000you save Rp 5.000
Buoc is a kimchi specialty restaurant where you can taste the taste of your mother’s cooking with 40 years of experience making kimchi.

Buoc's altari, young radish, and cabbage kimchi is made with fresh altari, young radish, young radish, and cabbage delivered directly from the production area, so it retains its crunchiness. It is mixed with high-quality red pepper powder grown in Cheongyang and does not use any artificial seasonings, so it is not dry. Instead, it provides a rich taste using domestically produced defolia and kelp.

Additionally, in order to maximize the original taste of kimchi, Altari uses a generous amount of domestically produced salted shrimp, and Yeolradish Kimchi uses domestically ground dried peppers to create an even cooler taste.

1. Chinese cabbage (from Indonesia)
2. Red pepper powder (Korean & Indonesian)
3. Salted shrimp (made in Korea)
4. Dried red pepper (Korean)