[US/Frozen] Korean Galbi for grill (no marinated) (±8mm/1kg)

10% Rp 520.000
Rp 580.000
10% Rp 520.000
Rp 580.000you save Rp 60.000

[US] CHOICE Raw LA Galbi (±8mm) / Frozen. Weight: 1kg (500g x 2)

Among American meats, the most reasonable CHOICE grade!

Prepare a wonderful dinner for the whole family with LA Galbi. The ribs of American beef were formatted horizontally. Only the central part of the ribs was selected to have thick meat and beautiful marbling.

If you coat it with seasoning and grill it until golden brown, you can fully enjoy the savory flavor and the fun of picking it up and eating it with your hands. It's a good amount to eat at once, so try it as a special main menu on Chuseok!

frozen. Weight: 1 kg