[WOH] Tempeh Chips Spicy Mala

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[WOH] Tempeh Chips Mala

If you're on a diet but can't give up Mara flavor, try Mara Flavored Tempeh Chips! Tempeh chips are made by fermenting healthy non-gmo soybeans and have a spicy mala flavor. It's low in calories, so take it out and enjoy it whenever you feel bored.

[WOH Brand Introduction] WOH's Tempeh Chips are a vegan snack made with non-GMO soybeans to make it healthier and more accessible. Unlike other tempeh chips, the WOH brand's special technology is to make healthy snacks accessible to more people by incorporating the taste of fermented soybeans without burdening them.

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Room temperature. Weight: 50g
Place of Origin: Indonesia